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Fraudulent Inducement: Litigation

Fraudulent Inducement

The New York and New Jersey attorneys at Tashjian & Padian represent business owners, brokers, banks and other individuals and entities in fraudulent inducement matters. Such claims can involve business disputes, purchase and sale agreements, brokerage agreements, loans and other types of contract-based relationships and transactions. The lawyers both defend against and bring fraudulent inducement claims.

Typical fraudulent inducement cases handled by Tashjian & Padian

  • Business: Cases include misrepresentation of revenue, expenses and other crucial financial components in contracts and agreements of all types
  • Real property sales contracts: Cases include fraudulent inducements related to closings, fraudulent statements of environmental remediation and misrepresentation of the subject property
  • Sales of business contracts: Cases include breach of contract claims based on refusals to close, post-closing inventory disputes, accounting or warranty disputes, enforcement of non-compete clauses, and other allegations of fraudulent inducement
  • Brokerage agreements: The attorneys have handled cases involving brokers being bypassed in a real estate transaction
  • Loans: The lawyers undertake cases of financial misrepresentation that resulted in a fraudulently obtained loan

A common but complex type of fraud

Fraudulent inducement is a common type of business fraud, however, litigating it can often be difficult. The firm has the knowledge and can retain the assistance of investigators and experts to obtain good results for clients in such matters. In addition, bringing a case based on a claim of fraudulent inducement requires a thorough and current knowledge of tort law.

For more information about defending against or beginning a claim of fraudulent inducement, contact Tashjian & Padian to schedule a consultation.